Just a friendly reminder....

Hi friends! I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day long weekend and were so busy having fun that you are just catching up on blog reading now..

So in case you missed it, Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans moved and can now be found here.

If you have a link (G-reader, blogroll etc) don't forget to update that too!

Thanks for reading!!


Health, Happiness and Skinny Jeans has moved!

Hey there! Thanks for dropping in but Health, Happiness and Skinny Jeans has a new home. Click here to be redirected.

Don't forget to update your reader, blogroll, favorites, links etc so you can continue to take part in all the fun!

New URL: http://healthhappinessandskinnyjeans.com/

So come on over to the new site; you'd miss out on all this if you don't.....

Who wouldn't miss this face?

Thanks for reading but seriously, go there now!

Sam, xoxoxo


Under Construction

Hi friends! I am in the middle of a transferring this little blog of mine to Wordpress. Bear with me...I am the least tech savvy person on the planet.

Hopefully I'll be back online blogging on the new improved http://healthhappinessandskinnyjeans.com/ very soon!!!