Vegan Challenge Day 6 & 7: The End is Near

As the sun sets on the 7 Day Vegan Challenge I am both happy for the return to my regular diet and a little sad that the experience was tainted by illness, which hindered my ability to fully appreciate it. I didn't get to attempt the fine art of Indian cooking (Chana Masala) or reawaken my love for quinoa in the morning. In fact the protein pancakes that were an epic flop early on in the week were the one and only chance I had to put a spin on a go-to recipe. Am I really prepared to leave it at that?

Yeah, you know what, I am. For now anyway.

I am ready to return to the lifestyle I have come to know and love because it works for me. Its not perfect but its a work in progress and one that I am committed to every day. And I'm proud of that.

That being said, this challenge taught me a lot of valuable lessons:

  • Veganism is not a diet, its a lifestyle. Being vegan isn't just what to eat and what not to eat, its a way of life. The commitment is huge because let's be honest, all things considered, its a hell of a lot easier not to be a vegan. And I find a deep respect for those who have made this choice because their moral and ethical fabric has lead them here.
  • Read food labels. Vegan or not, take the time and get to know what's in your food. Better yet, make more of it yourself so you can actually control what goes into it (and what doesn't)
  • Keep trying new things. You may not like them (*couch* soy yogurt *cough*) but then again, maybe you will. And how will you know unless you try?
  • Be a responsible consumer. Even if you eat meat you can make responsible choices about where it comes from (treatment of animals, hormones etc)
  • Walk a mile in their shoes. Even if something isn't for you, an informed decision is always better than an assumed one.

So a few questions remain:

What is the first non-vegan meal I plan to eat once the challenge is over?

I'll admit, the challenge is actually over for me when I publish this. The meal is pizza which will be delivered not long after. If that's wrong then baby I don't want to be right!

Will I ever eat vegan again?

Sure. I eat a lot of meat free meals and I'm sure many of them can be made vegan quite easily. And I will definitely be making Chana Masala so I guess its a guarantee.

Would I recommend this challenge to others?

Of course! I would love for my meat eating friends and family to try it out, if for no other reason then to prove to themselves that vegetarian/vegan doesn't mean gross (why do so many people assume that??). I managed to get The Boyfriend to eat an entire vegan meal this week and my meat eating BFF is joining me for a vegetarian meal this Tuesday so I think I am already well on my way to getting my wish!

All in all, I am grateful for this experience and all the things that I can happily take away from it. If you took part I hope you enjoyed it. If you are a vegan everyday kudos to you! And if neither are applicable to you thanks for following along anyway. As always, you guys kick butt!!

But now my friends, it's time for me to fill my belly with the ooey-gooey cheese I've been craving!

I can't promise its going to be pretty but I know it's gonna be good!!

So tell me, what have you learned about you lately? And while we aren't on the topic, how freakin' cute is a super fat cat anyway??


  1. I've been working a lot on my eating lifestyle lately and trying to find what works for me. It's not easy. The light bulb doesn't go off and suddenly, you've adopted the lifestyle you want. I've learned that it's little choices you make throughout the day that morph into the lifestyle you want.

  2. I agree with you on all counts. It was a wonderful experience, but I am happy to return to the lifestyle that works for me with a little more wisdom about nutrition!

  3. I loved reading your posts this week during the challenge. While it sucks that you were sick, it sounds like you learned lots!

  4. I seem to have had a similar (horrid, for me) experience with soy yoghurt to what you did. This week mostly re-iterated why I love dairy! I missed it so much.

  5. Congrats on finishing the challenge Sam! I didn't participate but I agree 100% that it's important to try new things - you never know unless you try! I don't think it hurts to eat meatless/animal-product-free meals from time to time. Lately in my efforts to do so, I've learned that I like tofu and edamame A LOT!

  6. What I've learned: KALE CHIPS ARE AMAZING! to be honest, I would've passed up on kale if it was every offered to me. However, after hearing so much about it on blogs and the twitter feed, I thought I'd check it out.
    I think the value of doing weeks like this is that if forces you out of your comfort zone and adds other foods to your diet. Although I didn't participate in the vegan challenge, I tried to add a few dinners this week that were vegan, and ended up with a few lunches as well. Thanks for posting and sharing along the way!

  7. I didn't do this challenge although I did make a lentil walnut loaf in honour of everyone participating.

    Let's just say it didn't go over well. The Husband looked at me like a sad puppy and in a whinny voice said "But you know I love meat."

    And well, it's the end of the week and I'm still trying to work through the loaf. Super cheap but probably not a repeat.

    Good on you for doing all 7 days though! :)

  8. Totally agree with you on all counts. I actually stayed vegan until last night (over 10day) where I had to have some protein in a non bean form.
    Protein is my biggest challenge...

  9. Great job with the challenge! New things I have tried lately include soy milk and sunflower seed butter...both great!

  10. I'm glad you shared your overall thoughts on the vegan lifestyle. A few months ago I toyed with it but found it wasn't for me. I guess as much as I feel we shouldn't be consuming mass quantities of dairy, I DO feel like small quantities are okay, especially if you choose organic. And meat? Same thing. Sure I go meat-less most days of the week but if I WANT to eat meat that I know has been raised well, I go for it and sometimes even if I don't know. Like you said, if you can be completely vegan in your lifestyle, great, If not, try your best to be observant of where your food is coming from!

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