1/2 Marathon Training- Week One in Review

Happy Sunday everyone. I know many of you are probably gearing up for the Oscars (I'm more a Grammy's girl) but I thought I would stop in with a quick update on week one of my 1/2 marathon training.

According to my training plan week one called for:

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For the full plan click here

Here's how the week unfolded:

Monday: 4k walk
Tuesday: 12k run (treadmill)/ taught Tabata (40 minutes)
Wednesday: 5.5k speed session (treadmill)
Thursday: taught Tabata (40 minutes)
Friday: taught Cycle Pump
Saturday: 12k long run
Sunday: rest

Total distance ran: 29.5k

What I learned:

  • Sometimes life happens and you have to roll with it. My plan changed twice this week at the last minute but I made due and did my best.

  • Sometimes you are going to be really tired at the end of a workout and no one will believe that you love it as much as you say you do. The important part is that you still believe it(I definitely do!)

  • Sometimes the weather is going to get in the way and you are going to run anyway. It snowed during my long run and the sidewalks were slippery but it was manageable which actually proved to be that I love running more now then I did eight months ago.

  • Sometimes you should triple check your training plan before you head out for your long run so you actually do the planned distance (Duh!)

  • Sometimes reading and snacks are a great way to spend a rest day. Brushing my hair? Not so much!

I'm reading The Long Run by Matt Long...if you haven't read it you really need to!

  • Sometimes training for one race makes you eager to train for others (like a Century this summer and, oh I dunno, maybe even a marathon! More to come on that one though....)

All in all week one was really good (among all the active stuff I also had a great time checking out a new band on Thursday and had a fun date night with The Boyfriend on Friday) I am absolutely looking forward to week two and beyond but for now I am eager to plop down on the couch and enjoy some more of this lazy rest day!

So tell me, what is one thing that you learned this week? Are you a fan of the Oscars? Who had your favorite red carpet look?


  1. Great job! A big part of training plans is how often they change. The training plan is the big picture and eventually, it all evens out. I'm glad you're loving it!

  2. Nice stickage to the overall kilometrage!

  3. Hehe that is a game face if I ever saw one! One thing I learned last week is the importance of having a stress outlet (not that I didn't know about it before, but it was even more important last week!) Work was absolutely crazy and I'm expecting the same this week, so being able to relax is key! Hope you had an awesome weekend Sam! :)

  4. I'm DVRing the Oscars right now. I need to get on watching that!

    Ok, I did learn something this week. And it has nothing to do with running. I learned that people with pension plans get cost of living raises. Never knew that!

  5. I'm a fan of the red carpet, and that's about it. I just got back from watching the red carpet with all my gf's...

  6. I loved the what I learned section of this post. It's so important to have a plan, but definitely good to be able to readjust. It may not be "perfect" but good for sanity.

    One thing I learned this week- I'm confident in myself as a counselor. Got screamed at by angry client and stayed calm and knew that I did 100% the right thing:)
    I'm a HUGE fan of the Oscars, and watched the whole thing. I loved Natalie Portman's dress-she was beautiful. A lot of people were hating on Michelle Leo's lace and gold dress, but i liked that one too:)

  7. I think it's always important that a plan has flex. I also think it's hard to teach the classes you do and train, great job. As for the Oscars, lots of flops I though. I like Gwyneth's dress, Jennifer Hudson...not too many more.

  8. One thing I learned this week is that you should never doubt yourself because you'll be surprised what you're capable of.

  9. It snowed?? Come down to NC... it was 70 and sunny this weekend... perfect for training! :) (Not that I know... I kicked my feet up ;))

  10. Love the gym face and hairbrushing can be over rated!
    Thanks for the book recommendation :)

  11. My training plan tends to change from time to time too..but as long as you do your best, thats all that matters! :)

  12. Were the Oscars on last night? I was busy catching up with the Amazing Race! This past week I learned that it's OK to take a break from running, my legs won't completely forget how to run.

  13. I just finished my first week of half marathon training too :)

  14. good luck on your training plan! i hope to run my first half this year myself.

    and i didn't get to watch the Oscars (but everyone's been blogging about it so i don't have to. :)) my favorite dress might be Natalie Portman.

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