To run or not to run...

When faced with many of life's great decisions I will often make a list, outlining the pros and cons, or as I like to call them, the risk to reward factor. Most choices involve risk. Hopefully those same choices involve reward (or there really wouldn't be a choice to make one would think). This minor dilemma is no exception.

The 90th Annual Boxing Day 10 Miler (see website) A race around Hamilton Ontario, on, as the name suggests, Boxing Day.  The idea was thrown out there by Cynthia, who has since signed up and committed to the event. I've mulled it over for days and days and can't seem to get past the "should I?" to actually sign up myself. That's where the list comes in:

Pro: It will keep me motivated to train as the weather gets colder

Con: It means actually having to get out there and run on some potentially frigid and icy days, even when my better instinct tells me to stay warm and dry inside

Pro: Its a fun organized event that will get me moving after a calorie dense Christmas season

Con: It means I have to think "race" on Christmas Day, when I really want to think "second helping of pie" and "third glass of wine"

Pro: Its a training run for the 30k race in March (which I have yet to sign up for but probably will if all goes well this month)

Con: It's a training run that might solidify the fact that I should be signing up for said 30k (I guess this is both a pro and a con depending on who and when you ask)

Pro: I get to spend the morning with friends who will be enduring the same conditions as me

Con: It means I won't be with the other friends and family who are celebrating a day off work with leftovers and cheesy movies

Pro: I get to say "I ran 10 Miles today...what did you do??" and be even a bit smug about it

Con: I have to listen to the answer "I slept in, ate delicious food, and cracked a bottle of vino all before 2pm

So my friends, you can see why this isn't easy. I'm giving myself 'til the end of the week to make up my mind but I would sure love our advice: Should I just do it or what??

So tell me, how do you go about making a tough decision?


  1. Do it! There's nothing like the thought of an upcoming race to keep you on track and motivated!! Good luck making your decision :)

  2. I say DO IT....IF YOU WANNA :)
    it's so hard to help others define their goals for me as SO MUCH of what we "should" do is NOT what got me to mine

    but Ill cheer you on whatever you choose...


  3. I say DO IT!! But at the same time you have to want to do it :) I would love to have someone else run it with me as it is very motivating but you have to want to do it for you!! Whatever you choose to do will be the right decision :)

  4. I make lists just like you do. I say go for it though. You'll never regret doing a race, but you might regret not doing it. Think of how awesome you'll feel when you cross the finish line, and you can always crack a bottle of vino as soon as you get home.

  5. I say go for it! I've never regretted a race. They are tons of fun!

  6. Wish I could provide some meaningful insight, but I'm struggling right now with not loving running myself... or actually, just not doing it... so let me know how you find motivation! And send some my way :)

  7. I say do it if it sounds like something you'll enjoy. I've signed up for races before against my better judgement and ended up regretting it when I'm in the thick of training. For me, it's really important this season to do something I enjoy, otherwise I'll end up just feeling sad/bitter about it when I have to spend so much time doing it.

    So I say if it sounds like fun, then it's worth the sacrifice of all that other stuff. If it doesn't sound like fun, then think of another challenge to keep you motivated during the holidays!

    Sorry that probably doesn't help much, but good luck with your decision!!

  8. Go for it!! In the winter months a goal keeps you motivated to keep working even though you want to cuddle up on the couch!

  9. Pro:You get a nice pair of mitts when you register.
    Pro: The run starts at noon.
    Pro:Changerooms with showers.
    Pro: Post race social at Slainte Irish Pub.
    Con: It is not free.