Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Remember me? The last time we spoke I was probably 8 inches shorter and missing a tooth but I promise we were once really good friends. Every year I left you those chewy chocolate cookies that you love and you made sure I got the toys I wanted. It was a pretty good deal for the both of us if you ask me.

I'm back this year Santa and I promise I deserve to be on your "Nice" list. In case you haven't been keeping an eye on me I do my best and I am always usually really polite, kind, and considerate. And I promise a big ol' plate of chewy cookies if you can come through for me on a few things.

You see, I'm attempting outdoor running this winter Santa, and as a guy who lives at the North pole I am sure you know how c-c-cold it can get out there! So whats a girl to do on a cold winter morning when a 12k training run is calling her name but bundle up and make the best of it? And that's where you come in. With just a few key items I think I could really kick some winter running butt this year!

Sugoi running jacket. It's water and wind resistant and its purple. What more do you need right?

The Bust Stops Here sports bra from Lululemon. Cuz every girl can use some support. 'Nuff said!

Pearlizumi F3 Thermal Sport Tights. These are performance oriented, multi-sport tights that transfer moisture and keep you warm. It doesn't hurt that they have a reflective strip for added protection during low visibility.

Hot pink CEP Compression Socks. Flirty and functional...I love it! Plus they'll keep my legs and feet nice and toasty on the really chilly days out there.

Santa (or anyone else who might be reading and who just happen to be shopping for a gift for lil' ol' me this year) I'll be a very happy girl on Christmas morning if I find these little goodies under the tree. I'll even leave some carrots for the reindeer if we can make this happen, okay??


P.S If you run into Jack Frost can you ask him to take it easy on us this year? Thanks!!

So tell me, what's on your Christmas wish list?


  1. Oooh good gift requests! I would like some compression socks as well :)

  2. looove ur dear santa letter!
    hopefully u get what you want! good luck with winter running

  3. I hope Santa brings you all your gear! Hot pink anything is always a necessity.

    P.S. Running in the cold is HARD! I tried today and I think my lungs were in overdrive. So exhausting...but it will make running in warmer temps easy, right?

  4. Love your Christmas list girl! Hope Santa is good to you so that you don't miss out on any of those winter running days. ;)

  5. This post makes me laugh. I love that purple running jacket. I might have to put that on my list too... maybe santa gets a discount when he goes wholesale?!

  6. Santa's the pro at cold weather like you said, so he should definitely be getting you this stuff!

    The main thing on my wishlist this year is a Nikon D5000..I've already been begging Santa for it. And if he isn't hearing me, I've been working on my parents quite a bit. :P

  7. My Christmas list looks really similar to yours! I want stuff to make running easier this winter. I hope you get all of the things on your list.

  8. Cute post!! I want... all of the above, too. Will you pass that along to Santa for me? Thanks!

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