Uhhhhh....I need to detox

Isn't funny how when life gets crazy the first thing to go is a healthy lifestyle? I have been on a wee bit of an emotional rollercoaster over the past week and my eating habits and activity levels have definitely suffered as a result. When stress takes over I have such a difficult time looking to salad to console me. Emotional eating is one of my biggest downfalls and it always has been. I eat to cure sadness and anxiety and boredom and over the years it really started to add up.

Looking back over the last 7 days I know that I haven't made the best choices. I weighed myself today because I felt it was time to face the music and although there was no gain (How is that even possible???) I still know that I need to get this under control.

My relationship with food should be emotionless. It should be about fuelling my body to run further and faster, to get stronger and become healthier. I should eat because I need the food not because I want it in some attempt to cure the blues or shake of the effect of a stressful day. I am not perfect with this approach yet but I am trying, little by little, to get there.

I am not a big believer in detox, at least in the celebrity-inspired drink only lemon juice and vinegar way that we so often read or hear about. Instead I think that its important to get your body and mind back on track after a few less than perfect couple of days by pumping yourself full of nutrients. Its vital to re-focus on all the good things that you been missing by overloading on fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains and get the sugar and fat out of your system so you won't crave more and keep repeating the cycle.

Today I had a huge serving of fresh berries and yogurt for breakfast. In fact it was so huge that a co-worker asked if it was anti-oxidant day. And don't worry I shared the fruit (spread the wealth right??) so I didn't overload on calories. The rest of the day was good too: Whole grain vegetarian sandwhich and an apple for lunch and a whole grain granola bar for a snack. Up next is a big ol' plate of steamed veggies and some chicken. Should be good and I am truly looking forward to it!

So here's to getting back on track. I'll keep you posted on how the week is progressing.


  1. Don't forget to get some fat in. You can't absorb all the vitamins from fruits and vegetables without it and it's harder to lose weight without it as well. I've actually had to make an effort to add more healthy fats to my diet because most of the food I eat is low fat and I don't cook with a lot of fat either.

    I have difficulty looking at food as fuel. I am doing better about not eating my emotions but when I am hungry I go for cheese, meat, dairy, carbs, fruit, and veggies in that order. It really needs to have fruit and veggies first and I forgot about it again last night.

  2. I'm also an emotional eater. I eat when I'm sad, mad and even happy. It's what got me in this mess in the first place.

    The good news is, you are turning things around rather then spiraling out of control. It's also a bonus that you didn't gain this last week. Seems like you did something about it just in time.

  3. When you've been healthy for awhile, there is nothing better than "detoxing" and getting back to those good for you foods. Yum. Your day in food sounds delightful. I hope the rest falls into place too!

  4. "Whole grain vegetarian sandwich and an apple for lunch and a whole grain granola bar for a snack. Up next is a big ol' plate of steamed veggies and some chicken."

    I can't imagine better choices!

  5. I can related with absolutely everything you wrote today.

    Way to rock today with healthy choices.