3 Wonderful Women: A Thank You

A walk down memory lane today, in the form of old family photos that I am sorting through and eventually archiving online, brought back a lot of amazing memories of a happy childhood filled with love, support, encouragement, fun and laughter.

It also reminded me that I am who I am today because of the amazing women in my life, some of whom I am fortunate to have with me now and some who's memories I cherish and who's influence was and is an invaluable source of inspiration to me in every single way.

To my mom:

Thank you for your support from the very first day right up until this afternoon. You have been there for me through the good times and bad and I am fortunate to have a mother and a friend like you in my life. I can only hope that my own children will one day rest easy in knowing that I am there for them the way that you have been for me.

To my grams:

 I miss you more then I could ever explain. There isn't a day that I don't wish you were here so I could tell you a story or seek your advice. You taught me how to be a strong, loving and fearless person and I live my life in an effort to make you proud of the woman you helped me grow up to be. An entire lifetime wouldn't have been enough time with you but I am grateful for the 14.5 years that I spent feeling so loved and adored by you. I wish my future children could have met you and got to know the amazing person that you were but your memory lives on through me and they will know you through my stories and my actions.

To my great-grandmother:

 I am fortunate to have had you in my life when so many others don't get that chance. You inspired me with your strength and compassion and you believed in me which allowed me to believe in myself. You also raised a wonderful daughter who's impact on my life is profound. I  miss your cheerful voice and the chime of the old clock in your house. I didn't become a lawyer like you thought but I know you'd be proud of me just the same.

We come across so many people in our lifetime and we are lucky to have even one amazing person who enriches our life in so many ways. I am beyond grateful that I was blessed with these three beautiful people and sincerely hope to join the ranks as the 4th generation of women who leave a mark on the world as these ladies have.

Happy Mother's Day to every mother and everyone who has felt the love of a wonderful woman.

So tell me, who's the most influential woman in your life?


  1. It always amazes me just how unconditional a mother's and grandmother's love is. What I love about my mom is that she's on my side, even when she knows I'm wrong and I'm being dramatic. :)

    She's easily the most influential person in my life.

    What a beautiful tribute to all three of them!

  2. Like you, the most influential women in my life are/were my mom and grandmother (her mom). Never got to meet my great-grandmother, nor my grandmother on my dad's side.